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Did you know I also write poetry? I started writing creatively while living on a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina. I was at an 8-week long letterpress printing workshop when my instructor encouraged my whole class to write a poem for our first broadside. To be honest, I resisted because it felt way out of my comfort zone to do so. Had it not been for my instructor’s persistent, gentle encouragement, I would not be the poet I am today. I will occasionally use this platform to post my poetry and/or share links to work that has been published in literary magazines/blogs.

Here are links to my recently published work. Enjoy!

Reconstructing My Approach to Healing (Essay + Poetry)

English Only (Poetry)

The Time I Saw Myself On Screen (Essay + Poetry)

Nov. 9, 2016 & I am Beatriz (Poetry)

Premonition, Smile & Memories (Poetry)